Closure? Not quite

by Jerri

I heard firecrackers when the news came out last night, like a long awaited celebration that had been waiting so long that lone fire cracker was all that was around. Or at least that was how it was like for me, because by now, it’s been ten years and the news of Bin Laden’s death isn’t so much celebratory as it was some inevitable thing. While I’m glad this event brought closure to the families who lost their loved ones, his death doesn’t mean much in the grander scheme of things.

There will still be fanatical people of all religions, still hatred and anger, still poverty and desperation that allows those first two to take root and dictators as well as regimes to rise. Hitler’s death and WWII neither ended wars nor genocides.

And there’s still us, preferring to take the short cut rather than preventative measures. We like to think that the Taliban and Bin Laden came out of the far corners of hell and that his end meant justice. But I don’t see justice, just the conditions that exist which allows for the propagation of oppression. Let’s not forget our own role in Afghanistan’s political troubles which lead to the Taliban’s rise.

Tomorrow, people will still starve and live below the poverty line, many will not have the education they need and their lives will be the expense for some of the choices that we make. I ask where’s justice for that?