January blues

by Jerri

Chanel no. 5 illustration by Moaza Matar

Chanel no. 5 illustration by Moaza Matar

On a day like this, I feel oddly happy with the reliable Chanel No. 5 as there is no one to impress; it’s just good old classic perfume. I had an oddly draining and hectic day today with my mother being sick. I’m sick too, but I think no where as bad as her’s was. While I wasn’t wearing it today, I wore it after a long bath in the afternoon, a bit like reclining into the arms of something stable.

When I was younger, this one would tickle my nose and scratch the back of my throat; there was something that smelled of civet, and I’m not a fan of civet. I don’t know whether they reformulated it, but I found that one day, I could wear it. I finally appreciated the dry down, which was a nice musky sort of vanilla, a bit sweet and not at all cold and austere as it had first appeared. I have a small bottle of the EDT, which is the version I like best as I’m not made of gold and the EDT has an almost cologne-like quality to it.

January always seems a bit depressing, as does March (after the initial hype of Valentines day in February). I think it has something to do with the lack of holidays, as if you’re going full force and having an jolly good time only to suddenly hit a brick wall of sobriety. For some people, that sobriety might actually be a good thing, especially for their liver. Unfortunately this January seems to be characterized by a broken heart and a bad cold…a very bad cold.

It’s nice to know some things are classic and stable.